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Okinawa World

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August 30, 2019
Learn about the history of Okinawa's nature and culture at Okinawa World. Enjoy the strange walls and beautiful[ Blue Fountain] of Gyoku-sendo Cave. Take pictures in traditional clothing or even have a try at making a handmade Ryukyuan glass! Great for families.☆ おきなわワールドは沖縄の自然・歴史のことを学べる場所です。天然記念物の玉…
February 01, 2019
一日楽しめる観光スポット。沖縄の様々な文化体験ができます。 A sightseeing spot you can enjoy all day. You can experience various cultures of Okinawa.
Hiro And Miki
Hiro And Miki
March 24, 2018
沖縄の自然、芸能、文化をまるごと体験できる観光施設。約30万年前の珊瑚礁からできたといわれる鍾乳洞「玉泉洞」、国指定有形文化財に認定された美しい町並みの「琉球王国城下町」、各種工芸体験、沖縄に棲む毒蛇・ハブをテーマにした「ハブ博物公園」、100種類・450本の熱帯果樹園「熱帯フルーツ園」などが楽しめる。民俗芸能の魅力がつまった「スーパーエイサー」も連日公演されている。Endless blue sky, tropical flowers blooming under the shiny sun and sweet smell of the southern wind. Okinawa,…
November 25, 2016
Okinawa World Okinawa World is divided into three parts: Habu Museum Park, Gyokusendo Caves, and Okinawa Kingdom Village. You can purchase admission to each individually or buy a combo pass. There you can watch Okinawa's traditional dance “Acer dance performance,” visit traditional Okinawan houses…
April 06, 2016
5000meter long cave that was formed ~300,000 years ago.

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“新原ビーチではグラスボート体験が楽しめます。 沖縄の海の底をグラスボートから直接覗くのはとても刺激的です。夕日も美しく近隣のカフェなども利用できるのでグループやご家族で楽しみやすいビーチです。”
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“Shurijo Castle is the greatest structure of the Ryukyu Kingdom and is registered as a World Heritage Site. Learn about the history of Ryukyu. 首里城は琉球王国最大の建造物であり、世界文化遺産に登録されました。琉球王国の歴史を学べる。”
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Theme Park
“ 水牛がいたり、琉装で記念撮影が出来ます。 Commemorative photographing can be done with buffalo or Ryukai.”
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“Admission is necessary Because it is got a grip, beach management feels relieved with children. Glass boat and a snorkel, the experience-based diving support, too.”
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Sito storico
“This place is one of seven Utaki, which is the sanctuaries created by Amamikiyo, the Goddess of Ryukyu Kaibyaku (Okinawan legend). The inaugural ceremony of the highest rank pythoness “Kikoe-okimi” is believed to have held here. This is the most sacred place in Okinawa that worshipped by many people today. It was registered as a World Heritage in 2000. Getting through Sangui, the worship site made of two huge rocks, you can see Kudaka Island.”
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Maekawa, Okinawa-ken 901-0616
Telefono+81 98-949-7421
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