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Ken's Steak House

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Hong Kong Restaurant
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Pet Café
“曼谷拥有着东南亚最多的咖啡店,咖啡文化非常浓厚,其中自然有不少佼佼者,这一家动物咖啡馆【The Animal Cafe】就是其一。 店主养着非常多珍稀的不常见的动物,猫头鹰,蜥蜴,小熊猫,豹猫,北美狐狸,英短美短之类的更只是常规操作。 在这里可以跟动物近距离接触(它们都不怕人)喜欢撸猫撸狗的小姐姐别错过了~咖啡还行,关键是撸动物!撸到10只才及格!!! 咖啡出品及格,食物已西式食物跟甜品为主,价格稍贵,不过还可以接受。 ”
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Bus Station
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Buddhist Temple
“Wat Pho Man Khunaram is regarded as one of the most beautiful Chinese temples in Bangkok. Built in 1959 by a Chinese spiritual master who later became the temple’s first abbot, the Buddhist arts in this beautiful temple are a wonderful blend of Thai, Chinese, and Tibetan styles. The temple ground covers an area of 5 acres and the monastery was completed at a total construction cost of around 30 million baht. In 1970, HM King Bhumibol came to perform the raising of a tiered umbrella to be placed on the top of the main building of the temple. He also granted the placement of his royal initials above the entrance to the temple and named the principal Buddha Image “Phra Buddha Vachara Bodhikhun”
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กทม, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120
Telefono081 629 1377
Stato di ore di attivitàChiuso · Apre alle 1:00 PM