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Sveti Andrija

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August 20, 2019
Beautiful place for a day trip and good SPA place on the island
November 9, 2018
Just off the coast of Rovinj, Crveni otok (‘Red Island’) is a handy and easy getaway from the crowds thanks to a boat that heads out from the town harbour every hour. Crveni otok is, in fact, two islands in one, St Andrew and Maškin. The larger St Andrew was where Benedictine monks opened a church…
June 25, 2019
"Red Island " or Saint Andrea island reachable by a 20min boat ride. Ferries go every 25min throughout the day. Beautiful breach and hotel.
October 9, 2018
St. Andrew’s Island is the biggest island in Rovinj’s archipelago. A short 15 minute boat ride is enjoyable and offers lovely views over the old town, and Golden Cape forest area. Also known as Red Island, it actually consists of two islets: bigger one St. Andrew and a smaller islet Maskin. The two…
Laura & Mara
Laura & Mara
February 13, 2019
Nice beach and a great island to visit.

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“The closest island to Rovinj harbour, Sveta Katarina was the playground of various counts and dukes in the Habsburg days, the forerunners of today’s pleasure seekers. The photos you may have seen of foolhardy tourists leaping from high rocks into the sea were taken here. More sedate holidaymakers make do with catching the frequent ferry over, wandering around the verdant pathways, past vineyards and ancient olive trees, to find their own spot at a deserted and invariably rocky part of the coast.”
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Ristorante di pesce
“Local restaurant,serving absolutely phenomenal food prepared with love. Family owned,well known and open for a long time”
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“Batana House is perhaps the first multi-media museum around the Mediterranean specifically dedicated to a fishing boat. The vessel in question is the batana, the traditional wooden boat of this region. It is still very much in use today – as you will find out should you head out at sunset in a batana expertly rowed by the one of the museum staff. As both sit in the romantically lit batana, they will explain the importance of the boat to Rovinj’s history and economy, from the intricacies of night fishing to the construction of the vessel itself. ”
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“Our favorite pizza in town. Located in the arty street of Grizia in the historical old town. Lonely Planet rated this pizzeria as one of the best in the world. ”
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Ristorante italiano
“An old-fashioned cantina on the waterfront, Kantinon has much the same interior as it did when fishermen drank here and lamented long days of work. There’s a giant wine barrel in the centre and ox yokes on the walls. The staff have an old-school, get-it-yourself charm. Give in to it and order from the barrel-shaped menus: grilled shrimp and sea bass are among the choices.”
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