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Horikoshi Shrine

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Taka'S Room
Taka'S Room
September 6, 2016
One of historical heritage. Found by 'Shotokutaishi' and famous for its beautiful canal surrounded.
April 23, 2016
In Osaka from old "Mr. God Mr. Horikoshi is that he will listen to the wishes of the once-in-a-lifetime" There is a legend of the.

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Point of Interest
“Tekijuku (適塾) was a school established consciously in Senba, Osaka, the main trading route between Nagasaki and Edo in 1838 during the Tenpō era of the late Edo period. Its founder was Ogata Kōan, a doctor and scholar of Dutch studies (Rangaku). The foreign language curriculum focused primarily on medicine, but also taught astronomy and other western sciences.”
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“We reccomend here to buy any food, drink and snacks. Very close, low cost and various of staff.”
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Tennoji Ward, Osaka Prefecture 543-0063