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Goran & Irena
Irena & Goran’s guidebook

Consigli per viaggiatori

Muoversi in zona

Walking is the best way to get around the lake area

There is precious little free parking at the lake (most of it is closed for the traffic anyway) and the town centre areas. A walk around the lake (around 5km, 3mi) creates lots of opportunities for scenic views, in every weather. In season (roughly from Easter until the end of October) tourist 'train' circles the area as well as a number of horse carriages.
Cosa portare

Bring shoes for rugged terrain, hiking boots are best.

Places you can reach in fancy shoes: Lakeside promenade Town centre Castle hill (trail with stairs from the parish church square or on the road) Cafe Belvedere Straža hill has a chairlift to the top Everything else, including the best viewpoints, you can reach only by hiking the uphill forest trails. The walk through the Vintgar gorge ends with one, too. There are also a few very short 'via ferratas' in the area.
In viaggio con bambini

Longer way around for baby strollers

There are plenty of slopes and a few cliffs around the lake. Shortest paths tend to involve steps. With a baby stroller, you will be largely limited to the lakeside promenade and the town centre, so if you wish to take your littlest ones with you on a hike into a wilder nature, you will need a baby carrier.
Da non perdere

Take a leisurely stroll around the lake.

One thing to do, no matter how short of a stop in Bled you took. It's some 5 km/3mi. If you are short on time, skip everything else and hit the lakeside promenade.
Muoversi in zona

Cycling within Bled

Is an option, but the lakeside promenade can get crowded with pedestrians in the summer. A couple of pedal strokes away from the lake, there will be no more crowds, but quite a few of up and downhills.
Usi e costumi

Tap water is safe to drink

Goes for all of Slovenia, apart from rare extraordinary events. There are also several public taps along the lakeside promenade.
Muoversi in zona

Motorway vignette

Get it, if you plan to drive around Slovenia. It is possible to get to almost any place in Slovenia within 2,5 hours drive, with the help of motorways. But not having a valid toll vignette while driving the motorways, can get you a very hefty fine. There are no motorways within Triglav National Park, so if this is your only interest in Slovenia, the vignette is not worth getting. Do avoid the motorways on your way here, then.