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Le migliori attività a Vancouver

Scopri la città secondo i suoi abitanti. Trova le attività migliori, i posti dove mangiare e ottieni consigli inestimabili dalle persone che vivono qui.

Ristorante vegetariano/vegano
“Often lined up out the door, The Naam has been a vegetarian and vegan staple in Kitsilano for decades. Their Miso Gravy is bottled and sold in many local grocery stores.”
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Point of Interest
“Must if visiting Vancouver. Try to walk around the whole seawall. Excellent scenery and excellent exercise!”
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Centro commerciale
“all inclusive retailer located in Vancouver. A Lego store and an High end watch dealer inside. Food court also available. ”
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Ristorante fast food
“Picnic, swim in the ocean and enjoy the sunset. Parking can fill up, especially on weekends. ”
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Ristorante indiano
“Vij's has taken Indian cuisine and totally redesigned it for a classy, upscale, and diverse audience. Be prepared to have your mind blown away here, from the initial seating to the service to the food. A+ experience. The menu is very carefully thought out and caters to a diversity of palates. Everyone in your group will find something on the menu they love. They recommend ordering family style, so ordering a bunch of dishes to share across the table. Entrees can be ordered in regular size portions (~$30) or half size portions for $18. The serving sizes here are not ginormous as expected, but it's nice to get a flavor of multiple dishes in family style sharing. I have tried basically every vegetarian dish/item on the menu here, as well as multiple non-veg dishes. Vij's rotates his menu occasionally so you never get bored, but the classic favorites always stay on the menu. Those lamb popsicles. Mmm. The goat curry is a little watery for my liking. If you come here looking for an ordinary Indian meal, you'll be disappointed. Everything here is unique and can't be found at other Indian restaurants. That's what's so great about it. Vegetarian dishes include jackfruit, portobello mushroom, koftas, layered paneer dishes, and more. My favorite non-veg dishes include the sablefish in tomato curry and the lamb popsicles marinated in wine in a fenugreek cream curry. Everything is just bursting with flavor and screams "Indian food redefined."”
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“Commercial Drive has an eclectic mix of independently owned shops, cafe's, restaurants, and food markets. Listen to live music at the Libra Room seven nights a week. Enjoy a pint at the Charlatan, or sip on a latte at the Prado Cafe. There are also a good collection of vintage clothing and furniture stores. ”
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Cocktail bar
“A must see in Vancouver. One of my personal favourite places to grab a drink. ”
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“Beautiful and only a block away! Free area for pictures and enjoying garden, and a paid museum experience area.”
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“Another one of Vancouver's iconic streets. At the heart of the entertainment district, Granville Street should be a must see on any visitor's list! ”
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Convention Center
“The award winning Vancouver Convention Centre is recognized as one of the leading convention centres in the world. The facility attracts 300+ events annually”
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Ristorante di pesce
“Reservations needed. Serving freshest and consistently awarded best seafood restaurant in Vancouver. ”
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Nuovo ristorante americano
“Can't beat the view here, all Cactus Clubs have great quality. They are all over the city. ”
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Ristorante asiatico
“Vietnamese-Cambodian dishes, highly recommended chicken wings, frog legs and butter beef.”
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Ristorante messicano
“Winner of numerous Best Taco awards, they make fantastic, authentic street vendor style Mexican tacos. Try the al Pastor or a torta or burrito. Also they have an excellent selection of salsas. ”
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“Enjoy a delicious burger or the poke bowl and take in beautiful sights of false creek and downtown. ”
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“A favourite for drinks, burgers, nachos and pirogies. It has an outdoor patio as well, and is right across the beach!”
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