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Mete turistiche a Vancouver

Galleria d'arte
“Stunning exhibitions of contemporary and historic artwork alike, the Vancouver Art Gallery never ceases to amaze, and is always a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Underneath Vancouver, Canada, there runs a series of steam pipes connected to a generating plant at Georgia and Beatty Streets. The system provides heat to most of the downtown core, and provides the steam for the whistles of the Gastown steam clock.”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Chinatown, a commercial (and increasingly residential) neighbourhood within the Downtown Eastside, has been one of Vancouver’s most vibrant areas since the City’s beginnings. It got its start as a ghetto on the edge of the Granville Townsite in the late 1880s when scores of Chinese immigrants arrived to work BC’s mines and build its railroads. Despite the institutional racism of the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act and the anti-animated neon signage laws of 1974, it has endured with outside forces doing little to curb its vibrancy. Today it is home to an eclectic mix of traditional and trendy eateries, markets, gardens, temples, and a wide assortment of businesses ranging from tea shops and apothecaries to art galleries and vintage stores. Its future is uncertain, however, as developers are cashing in on its cool cachet and consequently – dramatically – impacting the neighbourhood’s affordability while also eroding its unique character. How much more of this it can take remains to be seen, but the tipping point between its survival and its end feels closer than ever. Chinatown’s borders are debatable, but for the purposes of this guide they are squared by Abbott St. in the west, Gore Ave. in the east, E. Pender St. in the north and E. Georgia St. in the south”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Our favourite spot to sit in the wooden chairs and watch the sunset. Be there for the 9 o’clock gun that fires across the harbour. A real Vancouver gem”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Patio Patio patio!!!! Local, cool vibe. Great place to people watch in the evening in the heart of Gastown. ”
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Giardino con sculture
“Iconic stone statue overlooking English Bay! Great photo spot at sunset, lots of great ways to use as backdrop. The entire area is alive with people in the summer, a must visit location while in Vancouver.”
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History Museum
“Old Heritage House built in 1893 and used as a museum to show the lifestyle of the Roedde family. A tour Admission only $5 including a guide.”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“From this point you can get an unbelievably beautiful view of the city and the North Shore Mountains. The Nine O'Clock Gun, itself, booms at 9pm (21:00) every day, and has done so for over 100 years.”
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Sito storico
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