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I migliori negozi a Vancouver

“The Granville Island Public Market is the jewel in the Island’s crown. An indoor market featuring a fascinating assortment of colourful food and produce stores, showcasing handcrafted products and the very finest in unique gifts. All fresh from the ocean, the oven or the field.”
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Centro commerciale
“Pacific Centre is a great mall downtown! Located nearby water front it has both high end and affordable stores.”
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“Located in downtown North Vancouver, this is diverse offering a unique market experience. It is the spot Vancouver locals go to meet up with others. Here you will find the freshest and most delicious "street" food in Vancouver, concerts and daily community events.”
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Grandi magazzini
“You can pay lower price if the product you already had purchased have offering the discount after bought in 2 weeks. You can bring the receipt to get discount.”
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Centro commerciale
“all inclusive retailer located in Vancouver. A Lego store and an High end watch dealer inside. Food court also available. ”
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“There are drug stores, liquor stores and grocery stores about a 2 min walk on Fraser st. ”
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Negozio di abbigliamento
“Take sky train to Granville sky train station in downtown and you will find it crossed the street. A lot of designer brand stuff but pricy for sure.”
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Negozio di abbigliamento
“The clothing and consignment store is fabulous; it sells both pre-loved and new clothing and accessories, all which are current and on trend. It also stocks the most fantastic socks, warm designs that can feature anything from Einstein and The Starry Night to Wookies and Navajo-esque designs. It usually carries a quirky selection of books and jewelry, but much more gifts and gadgets can be found in its sister store, just next door. If you’re having trouble getting a gift for someone, come here and you will almost definitely find something that they will love. Or, you will find something hilarious, either way it’s a win for you!”
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Ristorante di pesce
“Delicious Fish and Chips. Also good selection of fish and seafood for cooking. ”
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“Convenient drug store only a 5 min walk away. Open 24 hrs and they have a little produce section and packaged foods. I get all my toiletries, snacks & household items here!”
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“Bay One of the best stores in Vancouver. They have lots of high quality products at reasonable prices.”
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“Lots of restaurants and shops on this street and it ends at English Bay where there is a very nice beach and views.”
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Centro commerciale
“Tinseltown is a 15 minute bus ride downtown. Catch the latest 3D movie and grab a massive bag of popcorn. They have 12 cinemas, so there should be something for you.”
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Bicycle Store
“MEC offers some of the best outdoor gear and clothing in the city. Offering lifetime warranties of almost all of their MEC brand products MEC is a great place to stock up on winter clothes, ski/snowboard gear, bikes, camping and rock climbing gear as well as kayaks and much more. Anything to do with the outdoors, you should be able to find at MEC. Note this store is not within walking distance of our suite. Public transit or driving would be the best options to get there. ”
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“During the summer the Shipyards Night Market is the place to go Friday Nights in North Vancouver. Outdoor concerts, food trucks, (my favourite is (Melt City Grilled Cheese) and of course, a beautiful harbour view of the city! Grab a beer at Tap and Barrel or cool down with a scoop of gelato at The Gelato Mafia (food truck). The Polygon art gallery is also nearby featuring super cool exhibitions. ”
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“Open 24/7 - Amazingly convenient. For any little things you may have forgotten. Includes post office.”
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