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I migliori bar a Seine-Maritime

“The Cathedral Notre Dame of Rouen is certainly one of the most important monument of Rouen. Build through the centuries, each stone tells us a particular story.”
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Museo d'arte
“Le musée d'art moderne de la ville, avec de très belles collections, dans un cadre original”
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Museo d'arte
“Known for having the world's second largest collection of impressionist art. I'll let you go, see for yourself, and maybe learn why that's true! My favorite piece in the museum is Renard Mort Sous Bois (E. Degas). What will be yours?”
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“Situés dans un ancien fort dont les bastions offrent une vue exceptionnelle sur la mer, le port et la ville basse. Les Jardins suspendus proposent un voyage botanique à travers différents jardins.”
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“Fantastic cocktails (the barman came to my wedding) - ask for the Mojidos! The place is not cheap however and can get busy.”
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“This is the main shopping street with plenty of other shopping streets branching off. If you want to shop, head in this direction.”
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Centro commerciale
“First, you've got the Church with its unique architecture. Then, the square itself, with the old, typical houses (turned into restaurants). Also don't miss the big cross, which is the exact spot where Jeanne d'Arc was burnt (not exactly cheerful, but a historic place nonetheless).”
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Sito storico
“A must visit. This clock tower was once a gate to the city. You can learn all about it in the little museum inside. It is also on the longest and oldest pedestrian street in France. The main cathedral can be seen through the arch which is photo opportunity not to be missed. ”
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History Museum
“Fecamp is another traditional old port town. It has many bars and restaurants, and you can wander around the old streets of the town. ”
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“The bell-tower is beautiful, you have to go inside and look at the great stained-glass windows.”
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Centro commerciale
“Le plus gros centre commercial du centre ville. Nombreuses boutiques shopping. Supermarché Monoprix fermant à 21h) The biggest shopping center of downtown. Shopping and a supermarket closes at 9 pm”
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“My best recommendation Very nice place especially during summer :) Nice point of view on the sea it's possible to eat also some snacks ( burger, French fries, veggie food, etc... ) ”
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“Take advantage of nice weather days to enjoy a bucolic walk through the botanical garden!”
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“Nice building; work in progress to reinstate the "bain de Trouville" famous place where the Parisian bourgeoisie met in the 19 century”
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“Honfleur est le berceau de l'impressionnisme et a attiré de nombreux artistes. Un musée intimiste en retrace l'histoire et permet de découvrir de magnifiques œuvres d'art.”
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Ristorante di pesce
“"The spot to be". You eat the best mold cream in France. Les meilleurs "Moules à la crème" de France”
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