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“With an incredible selection of delicious sausages, Crombie's is the place to go for all of your meaty needs. The do a good selection of prepared meats ready to put in the oven......amazing chicken kiev, stir fry....etc. They also do breakfast rolls (limited supply so get there early) and lunches for takeout during the week.”
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“A throwback to simpler times before supermarkets and globalisation. You can't beat a good market for a bargain or two.”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“Amazing vintage shop with and unbelievable selection of clothes and accessories, travel back in time the second you step in!”
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Arts & Crafts Store
“Everything from stationery to homewares, to prints, to jewellery with a strong illustrative influence. Again, just five minutes away”
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Galleria d'arte
“The Red Door Gallery is on the beautiful Victoria Street in Edinburgh’s Old Town, just off the Royal Mile and Grassmarket. Credited with being ‘one of Edinburgh’s most varied and interesting art spaces’, they stock a large selection of art prints from over 100 illustrators (screenprints, giclee and digital prints) sitting alongside designer products, fashion accessories, knitware, unique homewares, jewellery, artist cards and wrap. They host some of the most exciting talent from emerging British and Scottish artists and illustrators.”
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Jewelry Store
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Jewelry Store
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Perfume Shop
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Negozio di cosmesi
“Lovely shop in Spean Bridge selling the soaps we use in the room. Great for gifts, they are all made locally by our friend Emma. ”
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“Lovely teas and coffees and some good looking cakes, soups and sandwiches. Also non-edible temptations in the form of artwork and vintage homewares.”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“Vintage clothing at its best- there's a few branches in the city, but this one is very near the flat!”
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Jewelry Store
“Alice makes beautiful jewellery as well as having a shop full of gorgeous gifts. ”
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Thrift / Vintage Store
“Really nice vintage clothes shop. If you like to rummage, it's not for you, but it's a well-edited selection at mid-range prices. Try one of the three branches of Armstrong's if you prefer to rummage.”
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Jewelry Store
“An excellent place to purchase a unique hand crafted Scottish gift for yourself, or family and friends back home.”
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Community College
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