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I consigli della gente del luogo sui migliori ristoranti

Ristorante di pesce
“Best seafood option in San Juan. Great location, fast service, and decent prices. You gotta try their tropical salsas - coconut, pineapple, spicy, etc. Can't even decide which one is better. They also offer a full bar and portions to share. Menu favorites: Wonton nachos, fish tacos, sesame crusted salad, and any fish/seafood on the menu.”
  • Consigliato da 79 persone del luogo
“Really good rustic-artisanal pizza especially for those who like thin crust pizza. All made on artisanal oven with fresh ingredients. Curiously, this place also have one of the best Mexican tacos in the city. This is definitely a nice stop on your way back home after a day on the beach. Good drinks, not super pricey, and friendly staff!”
  • Consigliato da 50 persone del luogo
Chiosco ambulante
“Food truck area, nice spot to grab food and drinks. Prices more to high side... but it's worth it for the large variety, great quality, and Yummyness! :) Closed on Mondays. Closing at 2:30PM on Tuesdays. Closing at 10PM Sundays. Open until 12Am all the other days.”
  • Consigliato da 63 persone del luogo
Ristorante di arepa
“These are the famous kiosks in Puerto Rico. There are about 67 kiosk which have their own unique . This is were you can get that real Puerto Rican food at is best. Nothing formal here! Tray the alcapurrias, mofongo and empanadas... ”
  • Consigliato da 68 persone del luogo
Ristorante di tapas
“La Copa Llena has a very eclectic menu with some wonderful tapas options. They're right on the beach and have one of the best places to catch the sunset in all of Rincon.”
  • Consigliato da 32 persone del luogo
Mercato degli agricoltori
“Historic market and the surrounding area with a lot of restaurants and bars. It is always busy and becomes very crowded on weekend nights.”
  • Consigliato da 75 persone del luogo
Ristorante messicano
“Best tacos in town! Their home made hot sauce is addictive. Say hello to owner Alfonso from us, Sol & Gianluca, aka the Milanese.”
  • Consigliato da 55 persone del luogo
“Great food and atmosphere. Outdoor seating. Outdoor games for kids or while you wait.”
  • Consigliato da 26 persone del luogo
“Great to visit and relax with a drink and food at the beach. excelente para visitar te relajas con un traguito y comida ubicado cerca a playa ”
  • Consigliato da 14 persone del luogo
Ristorante latino americano
“This is a local favorite. Nice food and good price. This is not a tourism-focused restaurant and you'll find a large variety of options, including authentic Puerto Rican food. Family and kids friendly.”
  • Consigliato da 49 persone del luogo
Ristorante di tapas
“Best authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in town! Delicous food, good portions and decent prices with a pretty view.”
  • Consigliato da 16 persone del luogo
“Best selection of local and imported craft beer. Great service. If you are hungry, try the fish tacos and chicken fingers.”
  • Consigliato da 25 persone del luogo
“Located in La Pared Beach- Downtown. This is the bar that has at a many occasions live music and a really good vibe. Many guest will just hang out own front of the bar and sometimes right on the street which at times is closed for special events”
  • Consigliato da 47 persone del luogo
Ristorante caraibico
“One of the best restaurants in San Juan, recommended for a more fine dinning approach. Modern Puerto Rican dining experience driven by Chef Jose Santaella. Rooted firmly in authentic dishes and local ingredients, Santaella creates an elegant evolution of the flavours that showcase the vibrant energy of the island's 'cocina criolla'. Reservations recommended!”
  • Consigliato da 46 persone del luogo
Birreria all'aperto
“Probably the biggest beer selection on the island, plus ion addition to imported lots of local craft beers from all over the island. For snacks we recommend ordering fried Puerto Ricvan cheese with guava dipping sauce”
  • Consigliato da 43 persone del luogo
“Amazing burgers, family friendly for lunch and dinner. Fun party crowd for late night and live music.”
  • Consigliato da 6 persone del luogo