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Le migliori attività a Petaling Jaya

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Centro commerciale
“The best shopping Mall in Malaysia. Shops, Eat, Movies, Offices, Bars, beauty and relaxing center”
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Furniture / Home Store
“The only Swedish Home Furnishing Store in Malaysia where you can design your dream house.”
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Centro commerciale
“The Curve is an opened active lifestyle mall in Mutiara Damansara composed of more than 250 retailers and restaurants. It also features a 4 stars hotel named Royale Bintang Damansara and is connected to IKEA, IPC shopping centre (formally known as Ikano Power Centre), Tesco and e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure Damansara) which are all connected to The Curve via all-weather walkways.”
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“Malaysia's first themed shopping and entertainment mall in an Egyptian design with a lion sculpture, Pharoah statues and two domes, known as the Orange and blue Atrium form part of the building structure.”
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Centro commerciale
“Large family friendly shopping mall with a cinema, bowling alley, ice skating rink.”
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Centro commerciale
“Experience a shopping mall with varieties of dining selection and one of the hype up place during festive season. ”
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Ristorante malese
“Serves one of the best nasi lemak in town. It only serves till 4pm therefore do plan it ahead.”
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Centro commerciale
“Another family mall that has the essentials, a good number of eateries and encourages a nice short outing with the family.”
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Ristorante indiano
“Tesco Hypermarket - Full range of groceries as well as thousands of products from Tesco.”
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“Sprawling children's theme park offering immersive career role-play, from firefighter to surgeon.”
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Bus Station
“Paradigm Mall welcomes you to immerse yourself across 300 outlets that spans over six levels with choices of 60+ food outlets. Catch your favourite movie at the GSC cinema. ”
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Centro commerciale
“The nearest shopping mall to H2O. A place where you can spent your quality time at. CITTA Mall is enjoying a resurgence nowadays, with beloved F&B brands finding a new home at this popular PJ neighbourhood hub. Serving everything from contemporary Malaysian rice platters to classic Japanese rice bowls, Thai noodles to East Asian cheese tea, as well as sumptuous cakes with personal flourishes, a slew of fresh faces have surfaced to make CITTA Mall an increasingly delicious destination in the past three months. ”
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Centro commerciale
“The shopping mall that chooses your food appetite by combining science and music through Spotify! Try it out by downloading their IPC Shopping Centre app.”
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“It has everything under one roof....cinema, groceries, boutiques, restaurants, bookstores and restaurants. Ample parking lots....”
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“Bukit Gasing is a Forest Park with a 100 hectare stretch of green belt dividing the city of Petaling Jaya (Selangor state) from the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. A choice of many hiking trails within the park to suit all levels of energy and fitness.”
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Centro commerciale
“Plenty of Bar, Club and Lounge here MOVIDA - Kitchen. Bar. Club Lounge Beer Factory Cocoon bar and club Barrel Darts Bar.... ”
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