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Le migliori attività a Paesi della Loira

Scopri la città secondo i suoi abitanti. Trova le attività migliori, i posti dove mangiare e ottieni consigli inestimabili dalle persone che vivono qui.

Theme Park
“My children (19 and 21 have been twice and are taking me this year for a birthday treat. All the guests who go come back saying it is the most incredible day out.”
Consigliato da 236 persone del luogo
Theme Park
“These machines are an amazing tourist attraction for all the family to enjoy”
Consigliato da 278 persone del luogo
Theme Park
“A great park for all ages. Lots of different simulators and rides for different age ranges. Can get busy and arriving early is a good idea although the fireworks in the evening are spectacular.”
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Centro commerciale
“Tours is famous for its original medieval district, called le Vieux Tours. Unique to the Old City are its preserved half-timbered buildings and la Place Plumereau, a square with busy pubs and restaurants, whose open-air tables fill the centre of the square.”
Consigliato da 133 persone del luogo
Botanical Garden
“[EN] A huge garden with plants of almost the entire planet. [FR] Un immense jardin avec des plantes de presque toute la planète. [ES] Un inmenso jardín con plantas de casi todo el planeta.”
Consigliato da 91 persone del luogo
“Being in the middle of RENNES a good place to unwind. French and English style gardens.”
Consigliato da 94 persone del luogo
“I suggest visiting the castle and the old city surrounding the castle and the cathedral Saint Maurice”
Consigliato da 88 persone del luogo
“Pour tout savoir de l'histoire de Nantes dans une muséographie moderne et très bien conçues. Visites en famille et ateliers pour enfants extras ! // To know everything about the history of Nantes in a modern museography and very well designed. Family tours and workshops for kids extras!”
Consigliato da 89 persone del luogo
Sala concerti
“Ancienne biscuiterie LU, transformé en lieu d'exposition, bar, salle de spectacle et restaurant”
Consigliato da 143 persone del luogo
Theme Park
“PuyDu Fou is a must visit tourist attraction. There are usually 6 shows during the day, and evening shows as well. They depict the history of France in various ways. Very spectacular”
Consigliato da 78 persone del luogo
“Castle of the Dukes of Brittany is a large castle located in the city of Nantes. It served as the centre of the historical province of Brittany.”
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“Its not really the chateau that we recommend, although beautiful, it is the stunning gardens. Laid out like a glorified 'potager' with formal planting, mixed with garden veg and flowers. A large lake with swans and a garden with perennial flowers, more like an English garden. Plenty of walks with stunning views over the garden. ”
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“Pour une vue imprenable sur toute la ville dans un décor très sympa. // For a breathtaking view of the city in a very nice decor.”
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“Lovely day out for all the family with well cared for animals and plenty of space.”
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College Arts Building
“Ce musée a rouvert en juin 2017. venez découvrir sa collection exceptionnelle d'œuvres anciennes comme contemporaines. // This museum reopened in June 2017. come and discover its exceptional collection of old and contemporary works.”
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“Approx 1.5 hrs south, Zoo de la Flèche is a must visit for zoo lovers. They extended the site by 4 hectares in 2017 and added 10 new species. Food and drink is available on site and you can even buy an experience to be a 'Keeper for a Day'.”
Consigliato da 27 persone del luogo