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Centro commerciale
“One of the best and biggest trade centers in Moscow. You can find there almost everything. A big grocery store is located on the first floor.”
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Negozio gourmet
“Not for your grocery shopping, but do find some time to visit this 19th century grocery shop where a lot of the original decoration was preserved or beautifully restored.”
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“This 360-hectare park belonging to the Russian Academy of Sciences can be enjoyed in all seasons since 1945. Free entrance, it's worth the extra rubles to visit the Japanese garden towards the rear of the park. Several Japanese-style pavilions give you a place to view the surrounding tranquility of the garden's rock-bridges and ponds. But if you're looking to escape the Russian winter for a few hours, the garden's glass-covered orangery, which houses many tropical and sub-tropical plants, is open all year round. ”
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Travel Agency
“Тихий и малолюдный торговый и деловой центр: очень уютный, ухоженный и безопасный.”
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Galleria d'arte
“Центр Современного Искусства в здании бывшего винного завода. Center for Contemporary Art in a former winery.”
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Negozio di abbigliamento
“Children's Shop on Lubyanka "is a real world of childhood and a unique family and children's leisure complex in the heart of Moscow”
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“Since 2007, a complex of red brick buildings has turned into a unique art cluster. Today Red October is one of the most fashionable places.”
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Cocktail bar
“Bar, Music, Dancing, Restaurant in day time - one of the In places in the center to enjoy the night time! We love going there!”
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Grocery or Supermarket
Grocery or Supermarket
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“There is a great location of Bratya Karavaevy right by our subway station. Always fresh and tasty. Lots of great Russian cuisine.”
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Grocery or Supermarket
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“«Морской аквариум на Чистых прудах» - это удивительный мир подводных жителей, расположившийся в самом центре Москвы. Здесь можно понаблюдать за диковинными рыбами, увидеть причудливые подводные растения и, конечно, узнать все об обитателях морских глубин. Многие москвичи уже давно знают и любят «Морской аквариум на Чистых прудах» и с удовольствием приходят сюда снова и снова, в том числе и с детьми, для которых каждое посещение этого океанариума становится поистине незабываемым приключением.”
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