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I consigli migliori per lo shopping della gente del luogo

Centro commerciale
“One of the most emblematic shopping centers in the City. Wide variety of stores, entertainment, and dining!”
  • Consigliato da 150 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“Huge mall if you need middle-high chain store shopping (H&M, Zara, Mango etc.) and the midrange Liverpool full-line department store. Reforma 222 is another, smaller mall closer to the sights. ”
  • Consigliato da 96 persone del luogo
“If you want to eat cheap traditional mexican food, there is this foodcourt inside Mercado de Medellin where the locals go to have breakfast (9-12) and dinner (1-4 pm). You can have chilaquiles, mole, chiles rellenos and traditional mexincan home made dishes.”
  • Consigliato da 115 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“Feel like shopping? This brand new mall has everything you need from apparel, shoes, Mac Store, coffee, ice creams, restaurants and even cinema!! ”
  • Consigliato da 61 persone del luogo
“Fantastic place to visit! Lots of food stands/restaurants to choose from and visually beautiful”
  • Consigliato da 86 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“Walking Distance. Department Store with a nice terrace with gourmet restaurants.”
  • Consigliato da 54 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“Best and Great Excellent mall, with many good restaurants, supermarket, Banks, coffee shops, cake restaurants, movie theater, and all of the best stores worldwide.”
  • Consigliato da 50 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“Big shopping center including "Palacio de Hierro", iconic department store in Mexico!”
  • Consigliato da 25 persone del luogo
Grandi magazzini
“Closest full line department store. Their Polanco store in Moliere is way bigger, the largest department store in Latin America, very upscale! Casa Palacio in the nearby Antara fashion mall is a gorgeous home store. ”
  • Consigliato da 58 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“One of the largest malls in the city. Has a lot of exclusive stores, movie theater and good restaurants.”
  • Consigliato da 48 persone del luogo
Negozio di abbigliamento
“The closest mall to Cuauhtemoc, it is big and has everything you can need. From Cinema to food court and restaurants and shops of clothes technology etc. ”
  • Consigliato da 51 persone del luogo
“We love this quirky little place, great cuisine, concert venue and a wonderful book shop to get lost in.”
  • Consigliato da 38 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“The most fashionable new mall in the south of the City. Avoid if you are looking for Mexican retailers (most shops are US brands, but includes a Zara)”
  • Consigliato da 20 persone del luogo
Centro commerciale
“Big Mall, can find almost anything you need. Satélite in general is a good area. ”
  • Consigliato da 13 persone del luogo
“The largest bookstore in the state-owned publishing house Fondo de Cultura Económica is also Centro Cultural. It usually hosts film shows, conferences, and book presentations as well as special publishing events. Good prices and editorial selection. They also offer imported titles in English, French and Italian. It has a cafeteria and offers discs and video. Child Childs storytelling on Sundays mornings. $$+”
  • Consigliato da 36 persone del luogo
Jewelry Store
“Whatever you need, you will find there. Prices moderate/high, sometimes great promotions. ”
  • Consigliato da 20 persone del luogo