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Seasonal eats in an modern space with an all-season terrace
“Modern Art Museum with Picasso´s "Guernica". Museo de arte moderno con el "Guernica" de Picasso.”
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“You cannot stay in Madrid without trying chocolate con churros 🍫, this is the most iconic place in all Madrid ”
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Negozio di abbigliamento
“Es muy barato y encontrarás todo lo que te imagines, tiene cinco plantas y es muy lindo. Súper recomendable!”
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“Delicious pastries to eat there or take away, do not miss Napolitanas filled with cream, chocolate or cheese and ham!”
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Grandi magazzini
“Major retail store spread over several buildings, containing everything from electronics, to clothing, hardware, appliances, etc.”
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Negozio di elettronica
“Movies, music, books, electronics, tickets for every event... In your door step”
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Grandi magazzini
“A large Department Store. There are many branded shops around El Corte Ingles in Goya. Relaxed and easy.”
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Negozio di abbigliamento
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Centri commerciali

Centro commerciale
“A 10 min de centro comercial plaza rio. Starbucks, KFC, Five Guys, Restaurante Buffet Chino, Tiendas de ropa, Alcampo.”
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Centro commerciale
“Fuencarral Street and This Shopping Center are one of the trendiest place to go shopping in Madrid.”
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Grandi magazzini
“Department store with all you can need during your stay in Madrid. Locations for all men clothing and women in Calle Serrano and a second building for home, decorations, bookstore and brico.”
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Medical Center
“One of the best shopping centers in Madrid, all main stores, restaurants hall and cinemas with 3D.”
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Centro commerciale
“It is one of the biggest and more luxurious Shopping Centers in Madrid. A great selection of fashion boutiques, luxury brands, and also PRIMARK, Zara, Benetton, Levis, Decathlon, etc. The Center also offers the O2 Wellness Center with available day passes; Movie Theater, Restaurants, ATM, Pharmacy, Bakery, Dry Cleaner, etc.”
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Centro commerciale
“Very stylish Shopping Mall with quite good restaurants around and terraces to have a good meal.”
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Centro commerciale
“Tiendas de ropa y moda de todas las marcas: Cortefiel, Zara, mássimo Dutti, Bershka, El Corte Inglés, Scalpers, Adidas, etc... Tiendas de decoración: Aloja do gato Preto, Maison du monde, Ikea, etc...”
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Centro commerciale
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“The San Miguel Market is the city’s gastronomic temple, the contemporary o fresh seafood brought from Galicia each day, the Mediterranean rice or the special cheese from Castile, Asturias or the Basque Country. The finest products and wine from the length and breadth of Spain are divided among 30 permanent”
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“The market is spread across three floors, the first focusing on perishable goods, the second boasts a tavern-wine bar and ten stalls providing cooking/takeaway services and the third is the Cocina de San Antón kitchen where customers can eat their goods bought on the first floor.”
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Ristorante di tapas
“San lldefonso is the first street food market of Madrid like the gastronomic ones in London as Borough Market. ”
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Farmers Market
“(2 minute walk) Opens M-F 9am-2pm and 5:30-8:30pm; Sat 9am-6pm. Sundays closed Two floors houses stalls of food products, mainly perishable, occupying all the commercial space. ”
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“Malasaña was the heart of La Movida Madrileña, a contercultural movement that shooks Madrid after Franco’s death in 1975. Although it has evolved some Movida hotspots still going strong over 25 years later; now you can find brunches, hype barbershops, bookstores and trendy fashion stores.”
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“Il mercato raccoglie non solo negozi di prodotti tipici spagnoli ma anche bar molto tipici e economici”
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“All kind of fresh foods (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables). You can eve have a lunch, dinner or coffee in many of the singular restaurants inside.”
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“An old market converted into a new delicatessen market and bars and cafes, with terraces inside and outside. A must for gourmets! ”
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