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“Machu Picchu was the sanctuary citadel of the Inca Culture. Built so that only a few members of the royal, priestly and warrior castes of the Inca empire could worship the Sun and the Moon in the most sacred of the precincts of the Empire. Access to the sanctuary was a secret even at the time of the Inca Empire and only those chosen by the Inca (the ruler over all the rulers of the Inca empire) could enter for certain periods of time. It is a place that has no comparison anywhere in the world and the main reason why all travelers arrive from different parts to visit Cusco (I recommend you buy the entrance tickets to the sanctuary in advance of your arrival. The transport package (train plus bus) and stay (hotel) in the town of Aguas Calientes (the nearest town before entering the natural and cultural reserve of Machi Picchu) can be acquired upon arrival in the city)”
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“Don't miss this often overlooked santuary off the train tracks between Hidroelectrica and Aguas Calientes. The trail goes through a botanical garden and then turns into something like a rainforest before you get to a tall waterfall. Cheap and worth it! There's a cafe and hotel outside the entrance, but it all feels very secluded.”
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