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I migliori bar a Lussemburgo

“MUDAM is a place full of light. The national modern art museum is also a nice place to shop some design stuff. Free entry on wednesday after 6 pm, dj's performance each wednesday from 6 pm on ”
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Sito storico
“The underground tunnels of the Bock are a great way to learn about the history of Luxembourg (city and country) and you can enjoy a stunning view over the valley of the Grund! ”
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“Der Palast der großherzoglichen Familie. The Palace of the Grand duke of Luxembourg.”
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General Travel
“This shopping mall has a large supermarket as well as many other shops and restaurants. ”
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“Nice parc with a pond and a big playground, perfect if you have small children or just want to read a book under a tree or in the sun.”
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Sala concerti
“Beautiful place, magnificent sound, home for the greatest orchestras and musicians! We never go there often enough! After the concert, you can go have a nice dinner at the Tempo Restaurant, at the back end of building.”
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“English pub modern style, for english football league games. 1 st floor for cocktails”
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Place to eat
“the best carrot cake of the city, live music in the evening, stand-up comedy… check out what’s on on the FB page”
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Place to shop
“This cute small cinema is located in a former car garage and shows an excellent selection of European art house cinema (no blockbusters).”
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Luogo per spettacoli artistici
“Cool place with nice terrace for brunch, lunch or last sun shine, bio burgers, bar and almost every day live music. One of the most IN places in town”
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Sito storico
“Underground defence works, built during the Spanish, French and Austrian dominations.”
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“This is the national Museum for History and Art. It is located in the historic city center. Whereas the architecture is modern there are historical domed rooms in it's floors under ground. Especially the huge roman mosaic is a must see!”
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“It's an expensive upscale place with good food, wines and party spirit. You can only access there by car. Dress code is strict and entry will only be allowed if you suit up. Parking is likely to be full on weekends but you can park for free on the street.”
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“it's brunch time... food and drinks all day long. It was the former café of a TV- comedy serial.”
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Centro commerciale
“Il y a aussi des concerts tout au long de l'été. Because also there are concerts during the Summer”
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Sublocality Level 1
“Bars, restos (Ikky) and walk along the Petrusse river Yukulele is a thai restaurant very nice and cheap”
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