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Attività a Lisbona

I consigli migliori della gente del luogo

Dalle visite turistiche ai tesori nascosti, scopri cosa rende unica la città con l'aiuto delle persone del luogo che la conoscono meglio.
“Nel 2013 è stato il monumento più visitato della città di Lisbona. Dalle mura del Castello di Sao Jorge si gode una vista a 360° sulla città di Lisbona”
  • Consigliato da 500 persone del luogo
“Alcantara 50 è un posticino dove mi ritrovo a pranzo o cena, per un pasto economico ed una buona compagnia dei proprietari, gente simpatica a cui piace scambiare una parola quando non sono impegnati a servire i piatti. Un pasto veloce, economico, di qualità e tipico portoghese.”
  • Consigliato da 568 persone del luogo
Place of Worship
“A homage to the XVI century sailing adventures. A must see placce in Lisbon. The cloister is particularly beautiful”
  • Consigliato da 250 persone del luogo
Monumento/meta turistica
“Ancient fortress built in the sec. XVl the bank of the Tagus River. One of the biggest tourist attractions in Portugal. A must visit, be sure to visit the Tower and to visit and taste the delicious and famous pastel de Belém.”
  • Consigliato da 234 persone del luogo
“The hallmark of Lisbon pastry scene. A must go! To avoid the tourist rush go early in the morning. ”
  • Consigliato da 350 persone del luogo
Punto di osservazione panoramico
“Uno dei punti più alti della città. Tra i più belli e tra i più nascosti miradouri cittadini, imperdibile!”
  • Consigliato da 326 persone del luogo
Spazio per eventi
“TIME OUT MARKET - Its a historic market building. One of the world's largest gourmet food spaces. 26 restaurants, 8 bars, a dozen shops and a high-end music venue, all with the very best in Lisbon (the best steak, the best hamburger, the best sushi, etc...”
  • Consigliato da 273 persone del luogo
Museo d'arte
“Ancient Art. Portuguese contemporary Art. Temporary exhibitions. Concerts, garden to relax in, etc. A classic to visit in Lisboa.”
  • Consigliato da 267 persone del luogo
Museo d'arte
“Walk along Rua Santos-O-Velho till Rua das Janelas Verdes, enjoy the old restored Buildings and Palaces, São Paulo Cathedral, the Museum of Ancient Art, nice old restored Coffeeshops and small Restaurants like La Boulangerie -Croissants , bread, pastries home baked daily - on the opposite side of the Museum.”
  • Consigliato da 206 persone del luogo
Ristorante di pesce
“Probably the most popular seafood place in the country made famous internationally by Anthony Bourdain after a stop over in Lisbon. A hot tourist spot with some waiting time, but totally worth it!”
  • Consigliato da 290 persone del luogo
Spazio per eventi
“lots of antique and second-hand items, meeting locals, relaxing walk, good food nearby, the local area of Lisbon, nice park with a coffee bar and a playground, ”
  • Consigliato da 364 persone del luogo
“In steep streets, through alleys and small streets, we find the surrounding beauty of Alfama. In this neighborhood full of options of bars, cafes and fado you will find the genuine Portuguese soul. You can visit the Graça Viewpoint and take the emblematic Eletrico 28.”
  • Consigliato da 261 persone del luogo
Night Club
“Owned by John Malkovich, this is Lisbon's most famous club and the amazing view over the river might be one of the reasons why.”
  • Consigliato da 236 persone del luogo
Cultural Center
“Exhibitions, art stores and all kind of shows happen here (concerts and more)”
  • Consigliato da 160 persone del luogo
Punto di osservazione panoramico
“If you go up, you will find a really nice view over Lisbon! and wait a minute, I will tell you a secret, do not wait hours on the line, if you go to a roof top named "Topo Chiado" you will have another nice view, and you will be at the top of this place! ”
  • Consigliato da 225 persone del luogo
“Not only is this one of the largest aquariums in the world, it's also one of the best designed. Although the over 25,000 sea creatures seem to be swimming together, sharks are separated from smaller defenseless fish by invisible acrylic walls. It's the first aquarium to place all world ocean habitats together, and presents several marine species, from the curious round stingrays to the giant sunfish, seahorses, otters and penguins... In 2017 it inaugurated a new sardine tank. The main building, rising from the Tagus, was built for the 1998 World Fair, while an annex was inaugurated in 2011 to house sea turtles. The main attraction is the gigantic tank visible from four different levels, where high-tech displays explain everything in different languages. ”
  • Consigliato da 169 persone del luogo

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I migliori ristoranti

Ristorante di pesce
“Probably the most popular seafood place in the country made famous internationally by Anthony Bourdain after a stop over in Lisbon. A hot tourist spot with some waiting time, but totally worth it!”
  • Consigliato da 290 persone del luogo
Grandi magazzini
“The newly opened food court on the 7th floor has some of Lisbon's best chefs -- the view is nicer and it's less busy than the Timeout Market (Mercado da Ribeira) and there is even our favourite ice cream place Nannarella!”
  • Consigliato da 104 persone del luogo
Ristorante portoghese
“Nice place. The food is good, but specially the views and the atmosphere worth a visit. It is also a circus and performance school. ”
  • Consigliato da 113 persone del luogo
Ristorante di pesce
“It is fishmonger, seafood restaurant, bar and seafood, or rather a "modern fishmonger". It is a contemporary space where you can buy fish to cook at home or stay for a meal ranging from sushi to traditional seafood. The fish is therefore always fresh, and can also be served in the bar area, accompanied by wine by the glass. On Friday and Saturday nights the doors are open later, and DJs are often present.”
  • Consigliato da 83 persone del luogo
Cocktail bar
“Beautiful spot for sundowner drinks and finger food. The entrance is hidden. Go through the sliding glass doors of the (pretty run down) Martim Moniz mall, and look for the elevator up to TOPO Martim Moniz. ”
  • Consigliato da 74 persone del luogo
“Tiny old fashioned unpretentious bar with fun amateur fado on Mondays and Wednesdays from 20:30. Daily 19:30-02:00”
  • Consigliato da 71 persone del luogo
Ristorante portoghese
“You must try octopus fillets with açorda! Very nice tuna steak à Algarvia (south typical flavours with a lot of coriander and garlic). Also great meat, steaks... Ask if they have "cadelinhas" special little shells! ”
  • Consigliato da 66 persone del luogo
“The view is from Lisbon, the decor is inspired by India, but the atmosphere (and the menu) is cosmopolitan. This large café-terrace restaurant on a large city-facing terrace serves light meals throughout the day but also serves as a bar. While everyone naturally chooses to stay on the terrace, on rainy days there is a shelter in the interior rooms, which are equally pleasant.”
  • Consigliato da 88 persone del luogo

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