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Best things to do in New Orleans

Jazz Club
“The Palm Court hosts trad jazz groups, and they're legit. They serve dinner, and it's a great place to see some serious trad. It's the place I'd highly recommend to hear the inside trad scene.”
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Ristorante italiano
“Tiny little restaurant next to the French Market is hidden in plain sight! Great Northern Italian food. It may not be well understood among visitors, but Italians became one of the biggest ethnic groups in the Quarter through the early 20th century.”
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Gay bar
“Laid back gay bar with a more local crowd. usually has a fun late night drag show”
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Spiritual Center
“Ursuline Convent was a series of historic Ursuline convents in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1726, nuns from the Ursuline Convent of Rouen went to New Orleans to found a convent, run a hospital, and take care of educating young girls. ”
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Meal Takeaway
“best fried chicken. Don't be fooled by willy mae's or chicken in a box or anywhere else. this is the winner and I have done the research. made to order with the best breading you'll ever have”
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Piccolo bar
“Locals and tourists intermixed in this very dark, very divey bar where some patrons don't leave until the next day”
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“Beauregard-Keyes House, 1113 Chartres Street in the Quarter, Monday to Saturday from 10am-3pm. Landmark home of prominent 19th century New Orleans figures featuring a large mansion, courtyard, gardens, & antique collection. Featured in the 1970s film Mandingo, & many others.”
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