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Shopping a Kandy

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History Museum
“The Ceylon Tea Museum is located in the former Hanthana Tea Factory, which was originally constructed in 1925. It is situated 3 km (1.9 mi) south of Kandy. Hanthana was one of the first successful areas to cultivate tea following the failure of coffee production on the island”
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“The pub is in an excellent location and is a great bar! Really enjoyed you will enjoie night out there!”
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Grocery or Supermarket
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“The place in Kandy where you can get real coffee. It is not cheap, but it is good. Rps 400 for a cappuccino.”
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Ristorante fast food
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“This is ODELs more tourist oriented shop - the clothes are more holiday themed than the main ODEL shop at KCC. The books are overpriced, you should buy them at the 'Vijitha Papa' book store at KCC.”
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Centri commerciali

Centro commerciale
“It's the most central mall style shopping area, with more local markets surrounding it!”
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Centro commerciale
“The Kandyan Art Association was formed in 1882 with the mission of uplifting traditional crafts of the Kandyan districts. Veteran craftsmen and women demonstrate the age old skills and techniques passed from generation to generation, that go into creating these masterworks. For the visitor hoping to experience the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan dance traditions, the daily cultural show at the Kandyan cultural center is a feast of color and spectacle. With a rich history of over a hundred and twenty years, and a continuing dedication to promoting the traditional crafts of a bygone age, the KAA remains a valuable stop over for any traveler visiting Kandy.”
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Accessories Store
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Sri Lankan Restaurant
Centro commerciale
“ There are several type of restaurants in KCC, like india, thai, chinese. Also desserts and juice shops are in KCC. Normal portion price range is 600 - 1000.”
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