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“Fresh homemade donuts, need I say more? Made fresh to order with your choice of toppings. ”
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“Love Arena's for breakfast. Tator tots, corned chipped beef and a great breakfast buffet. Also good for lunch. If you are feeling frosty from the night before, great place to go.”
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“By far our go to for breakfast. Wonderful breakfast, like eating at your grandmother's house. They open 8 t0 11:30 for breakfast. Then at 1:00 they open for ice cream and it is yummy too! Enjoy ice cream on their porch after Funland!”
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“Experience the roasted goodness of their freshly ground coffees. At the Coffee Mill they strive to achieve the perfect cup of coffee for every coffee lover. They maintain a fresh supply of the most perfect blends of coffee. The aroma will draw you in, and the coffees will keep you coming back.”
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Book Store
“Located on Rehoboth Avenue, Browseabout hosts signings by numerous local and regional authors. Not a corporate store, it showcases local talent and has an incredibly friendly staff. Be sure to check out the apparel section for some witty shirts and garments.”
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“Easy to get to from Route 1 North if you sneak in the back way! Long lines but the food is awesome and the coffee is tremendous. Wonderful bagels and Lox.”
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“This is by far my all time favorite place to eat lunch in Rehoboth Beach. I eat here at least 3-5 times a week. I love the owners and I've gotten to know their families from eating there so often. They have a fantastic selection of cheese and desserts. My favorite dessert is the lobster tail, and the dark chocolate covered salted caramelized dates! If you go here tell them Palmer sent you and I'm sure you will not be disappointed!”
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Bicycle Store
“Walk over to All Wheels and rent a bike or scooter. They are a Trek dealer and have the best rental prices in the area.”
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Centri commerciali

Shopping Plaza
“Charming tucked away alley in the middle of Rehoboth. There are lots of one of a kind shops to explore.”
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Centro commerciale
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Outlet Mall
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