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Dalle visite turistiche ai tesori nascosti, scopri cosa rende unica la città con l'aiuto delle persone del luogo che la conoscono meglio.
“Одной из самой известной и важной духовной реликвией в Черногории является православный белокаменный Цетинский монастырь (Cetinjski Monastery).”
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“This monastery was built in XV century. It was not only a place of worship and dedication to the orthodox christian people on this area, but it was also an important governing institution. For some particular period of time in Montenegrin history, the ruler of Montenegro was both religious and imperial leader of people. ”
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“The former capital of Montenegro has many fine buildings, museums, churches and a Monastery. Shops and cafes line the many streets. ”
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“Cetinje is the former capital city of the kingdom of Montenegro, a great place for visiting the king's palace, the monastery, a museum and former foreign embassies of the beginning of 19th century !”
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