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I consigli della gente del luogo sui migliori monumenti

Monumento/meta turistica
“Brandenburg Gate is the first stop for every visitor to Berlin! The city’s iconic landmark offers fascinating insights into the city’s history.”
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Punto di osservazione panoramico
“Offering breathtaking views over the German capital, the TV Tower cuts a striking image against the Berlin skyline. Secure yourself a hassle-free entrance ticket to this famous city attraction and bypass the infamous queues of people lining up outside. ”
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Sito storico
“The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial) commemorates the division of Berlin by the Berlin Wall and the deaths that occurred there. The monument was created in 1998 by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Federal State of Berlin. It is located on Bernauer Straße at the corner of Ackerstraße and includes a Chapel of Reconciliation, the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre, a 60-metre (200 ft) section of the former border, a window of remembrance and a visitor center. Source: Wikipedia ”
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Sito storico
“At the intersection of Zimmerstraße and Friedrichstraße, Checkpoint Charlie is still an impressive reminder of Germany's most famous former border crossing and the time of the Cold War. Today the wall has disappeared and the watchtowers and barriers of the former military checkpoint have been replaced by replicas, which are amongst Berlin's most popular photo themes. Experience the whole history in the Wall Museum or take a fast Trabitour along the former course of the Wall.”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Longest remaining piece of the wall that once separated East and West Berlin”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“A place of contemplation, a place of remembrance and warning. Close to the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin, you will find the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe”
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“The magnificent dome of the Cathedral Church (Berliner Dom) is one of the main landmarks in Berlin’s cityscape – and marks the spot of the impressive basilica housing the city’s most important Protestant church. With its elaborate decorative and ornamental designs, the church interior is especially worth seeing.”
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Capitol Building
“Climbing up the dome and seeing the federal parliament at work is one of Berlin's most popular attractions. This is unfortunately not as convenient to access as it once was. It remains free but visitors need to book a few days in advance through the Bundestag website.”
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“Best bridge in Berlin. 2 sides to walk on depending on what you want to smell. Next door to East side Gallery so good for a combined visit. ”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Berlin's Siegessäule - Victory Column - is another of Berlin's monuments that has reinvented itself through the ages - from symbol of Prussian military victory in the 19th century to a favourite tourist spot today. As US Presidential candidate, Barack Obama chose the Siegessäule as the alternative spot to the Brandenburg Gate for his speech to 200,000 Berliners on July 24, 2008. ”
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History Museum
“Fantastic cool experience! Guided tours in the under grounds of Berlin. Lots of different languages available. Get the deeb rooted history under your skin!”
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“The tower ruins of the new-romanesque church destroyed during world war II, which today is a museum and memorial to peace.”
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Capitol Building
“Neo-Renaissance style parliament building with a Norman Foster glass dome and panoramic city views.”
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Memorial Site
“Huge military memorial & graveyard for the millions of Soviet soldiers who fell in World War II.”
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History Museum
“Museum with Stasi espionage equipment & archives in the impressive former headquarters of the secret police.”
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Centro commerciale
“This charming and Bohemian time capsule of the neighborhood used to be a part of the historical village of Rixadorf. Walking through Richardplatz is bearing witness to the vestiges of antiquity. The oldest buildings in Neukölln are on or adjacent to Richardplatz. Many of the old village buildings like the church, the blacksmith, and the stein have been preserved and serve as an escape from the bustling cityscape. Richardplatz is a socially edifying focal point of Neukölln that acts as a talisman of history while also propelling itself into the future”
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