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Vista Hills Spa Retreat w/free Breakfast & Parking

Stanza privata in casa affittato da Michael
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Free Breakfast, Free Parking. You are renting 1-2 rooms of our 4-Bedroom home in which we also live, not an entire home. This listing is central to hundreds of restaurants, gyms, shopping, grocery stores, coffee shops, and a golf-course just minutes away. Your stay includes luxuries such as a huge swimming pool, Sauna, Hot Tub, a full bar, Wi-Fi, and video cameras in public areas to give added security. Guests paying nightly or weekly rates enjoy a free home-style hot breakfast.

Lo spazio
You are renting 1-2 bedrooms of our 4-bedroom home, not an entire house. One of the things that make our guest suite special is that it is tucked away on its own floor above the bar, overlooking the family-room, giving you the feel that you have rented your own home. This suite has its own private bathroom/shower just feet from the room, featuring brand-new shower tiles. The King-size bed is roomy, with plenty of room for two guests with room to spare.

BEDROOM #1: (Sleeps up to 4)
This master suite has a super luxurious King-sized Bed, which comfortably sleeps two. It also has a Queen-size Air-bed located in the master suite closet . This Airbed comfortably sleeps 2 adults as well, allowing up to 4 to sleep comfortably in this room. This room has luxurious wood flooring, wood shutters, and a 55" LED Flatscreen TV. It has a mini-fridge to keep your beverages cold. It has a towel/linen closet and a full-sized wardrobe closet.

BEDROOM (LOFT) #2: (Sleeps up to 4)
This semi-private loft sleeping area is curtained off, also above the bar, up its own private spiral staircase. Inside this room is a brand-new Full Bed over Full Bed Bunk Bed, which sleeps up to 4 adults comfortably.

For reservations needing sleeping accommodations for a 9th & 10th person, we can accommodate them on a leather sofa that can be used in the Family Room/Bar, as well as a leather futon in the very front room by the front door (which may be a little inconvenient with no privacy) but can be used for sleeping for an extra guest if requested.

We only book one reservation at a time, so you will not be sharing our home with other AirBnB guests at the same time. We do offer an optional, additional AirBnB experience in cooking Mexican Cuisine on Sundays that you can also book separately if you are looking to have a "local" experience while in the Sun City. You may book this separately on AirBnB if this appeals to you.

For guests who bring a pet, there is a separate $10.00 cleaning fee to handle hair removal and laundering of the entire bedding set. We rent to people that are allergic to pet dander and this additional charge helps us restore the room to a hypoallergenic state. We are very Pet-Friendly, and we can even provide a small animal crate if your 4-legged friend is used to sleeping in them. We have 6 doggies of our own that love to socialize with other pets and humans. You decide the level of interaction with the doggies.

Accesso per gli ospiti
Your stay includes access to the guest suite, and bathroom/shower upstairs,
SHARED USE OF: the Liquor/Wine/Beer bar in the family room, the kitchen, laundry facilities, as well as the regularly maintained pool in the private backyard (seasonal)(May-Oct) and the Hot Tub and Finnish 6-Person Almost Heaven Sauna which is available 24/7 year-round, getting up to 210 F for a good sweat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not leave any personal belongings in the SHARED USE AREAS, such as the backyard or bar/family room area, as the host also uses these areas.
Do not leave items like shoes/purses/phones unattended in the backyard as our dogs get let out a couple times per day for exercise and they will chew up shoes in under a minute if they are left unattended. This sadly happens a lot, so to avoid your personal property getting damaged, please keep your belongings with you and not left unattended or left out over-night in the backyard.

You will receive a key which unlocks the front security door, which you will need to let yourself out as well. Without the key, you will need to be buzzed out, as the security door is always in the locked position. Since this key gives full access to our home, if it is lost, we will have to immediately get the locks for all doors re-keyed at a cost to the guest of $100. There is also a mini-fridge in the guest suite for your convenience. Our alcohol bar is available for shared use for guests age 21 and older, and a couple dollars is requested for drinks and shots purchased to enable us to keep the bar stocked. Please pay the glass mug on the bar when serving yourself alcoholic beverages. A list of beverages the bar can make and suggested pricing is available on a menu in your suite as well as at the bar. Our bar is stocked with Vodka, Seagram's, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, assorted Whiskeys/Bourbon, Scotch, Yaegermeister, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Simple Syrup, Tequila and Rum. The coffee bar downstairs off the kitchen is free and included gratis during your stay. Parking for AirBnB guests is located in front 3 feet behind the mailbox curbside in front of the home only. Please allow room for the Mailman's vehicle to access the mailbox. Parking is not permitted in the driveway as we park our autos in the garages and cannot get blocked in or out. If you are paying the full room booking of $50 or more per night, Chef Lupe provides you with a hot, home-made breakfast daily at 9 AM at no additional charge (Gratis). You will receive a menu at check-in with 8 different hot meal selections to choose from each day. For a completely free breakfast, you may choose only one menu item for your entire party, and Chef Lupe will make that item for each person staying under your reservation. If someone on your reservation just has to have something different, then there is a small $4.00 charge for the Chef to cook two separate types of breakfasts; and if you want a 3rd breakfast option for yet another guest on the reservation, then there is a minimal $8.00 charge and the Chef will cook up to 3 separate breakfast menu options for various members of your reservation. Remember, to get breakfast for FREE, simply choose THE SAME amazing breakfast dish for everyone in your party, and you pay nothing. The extra $4 and $8 fees for multiple items is to supplement the Chef in
preparing more food choices for your party. Simply fill out the item(s) you would like and leave it at the bar by 10 PM nightly and Chef Lupe will prepare your selection for you ready for service at 9 AM daily in the dining room. You also have an option of cold cereals which will always be available at the breakfast bar in the Kitchen across from the Keurig bar. If you start your day early and cannot be present for your 9 AM breakfast, simply choose the cold cereal option on your menu and serve yourself at the bar when you are ready to eat breakfast. Help yourself to the Milk and Orange Juice in the family refrigerator.

If you plan to stay longer and book with our economic monthly pricing of $36/day, although the hot breakfasts are not available, we do offer you boiled eggs, a cold cereal & fresh fruit bar option at no additional cost to you. Bon Appetite!

Altre cose da tenere a mente
House Rules
1. We are not a party house. This is our home that we live in and use, and rent out to AirBnB guests as well, but controlled parties are allowed, with restrictions:
A. Parties and Events are permitted, but the cost and logistics are handled but before you arrive.
B. There is a per-person charge for each person NOT on the reservation, the price depends on what they do and how long they stay and what time they leave:
$15 - This guest plans on staying the night, (or being here past midnight). They MUST be added to the reservation, and have full use of the Pool, Sauna, and Hot Tub, and have access to the Coffee Bar and Free Breakfast. All guests not on the reservation must purchase alcohol on-site.
$12 - This guest plans on staying for more than 4 hours, but will vacate the home no later than Midnight (regardless of their arrival time); and they have full use of the Pool, Sauna, and Hot Tub, and must purchase all alcohol on-site.
$10 - This guest plans on staying for less than 4 hours, but will vacate the home no later than Midnight (regardless of their arrival time); and they have no access to the Pool, Sauna, or Hot-Tub, and only have access to the Coffee Bar, and must purchase all alcohol on-site at our bar.
$8 - This guest plans on staying less than 4 hours, but will vacate the home no later than 6 PM (regardless of their arrival time); and they will have full use of the Pool, Sauna, and Hot Tub, but no access to the Coffee Bar.
$5 - This guest plans on staying less than 4 hours, but will vacate the home no later than 6 PM (regardless of their arrival time); but they will have no access to the Pool, Sauna, or Hot Tub. All Alcohol must be purchased on-site.
C. You are reserving a Private Room and a Semi-Private Room. You are NOT reserving an Entire House. We live here so we closely monitor the events on the property.
D. All parties require the purchase of alcohol on-site at our family room bar, and no outside alcohol is permitted. We monitor alcohol use with Closed-Circuit Cameras in the bar area.
2. Inside our home is a Non-smoking property. Smoking is permitted in the pool/sauna areas in the private backyard, or on our enclosed backyard patio. Smoking is never permitted inside the Hot Tub or Sauna.
3. We have dogs, which are very friendly with guests and their pets. Guests will be required to pay the Host a Pet cleaning fee of $10.00 (per pet, per night), at the time of check-in, (Charged by host, not AirBnB). It takes extra care for pet hair and dander removal. We will gladly help you acclimate your dogs socially with our dogs to allow your dogs to have fun while staying here. Just ask the Host about this. We will let you decide the social interactions you wish you dog to have with ours.
4. Guests have access to a full Espresso & Coffee/Tea Bar of K-Cups, Carafe Cups from Keurig counter in the kitchen at no additional cost. The kitchen, bar, Laundry, and Espresso/Coffee/Tea bar is open 24 Hours, 7 days a week. The Pool may be closed down at Midnight if guests get too loud and we get complaints from the neighbors.
5. NEVER PARK IN THE DRIVEWAY! Guest parking is available only in the front of the house curb-side. No Guest parking is available in the driveway as cars must be able to enter and exit the garages.
6. BREAKFAST REQUIRES PLANNING! Guests checking out BEFORE 9 AM will have access to a cold breakfast bar of selected cereals, juice and milk from the breakfast bar located in the dining room, and it is self-serve. Guests checking out after 9 AM will be given a menu upon check-in and a selection is made on the menu and given to the host (usually no later than 11 PM for the hot breakfast the next morning) and select 1 item for their entire party from a selection of eight choices.
7. Guests may come and go during late hours but are asked to respect others by maintaining quiet time after 11 PM.
AirBnB Guests are asked to let the host know in advance if they plan on having friends over and get it approved. This is our home and we cannot have strangers entering and exiting our home without our approval. AirBnB Guests are responsible for adding their friends to the reservation if these friends want to use any of the amenities, such as the Pool, Sauna, or Hot Tub. This will increase the booking fee by $15 per person, to cover the cost of pool/hot tub/sauna chemicals and laundering of towels. This fee must be paid to the Host BEFORE they enter the property. Images from the closed-circuit camera are uploaded to Airbnb to prove unauthorized guests were here.
9. There is No Lifeguard for the Pool. All guests are responsible for monitoring their children/family members while in the pool area. Parents, we cannot allow your small children to be left unattended near the Pool, Sauna, or Hot Tub. Children seen by themselves in these areas will be asked to go get their parent/guardian to chaperone them in these areas.
Our Hot Tub is a very expensive Dr. Wellness Hydrotherapy Massage Hot Tub, and there are strict rules for its' use:
We require all guests to shower (WITH SOAP) PRIOR to getting into the Hot Tub to avoid turning the Hot Tub into a big 400 gallon washing machine of nastiness. Most people are not aware of how much oils, perfumes, body sweat & deodorant is on their bodies until they get into the Hot Tub and the water starts turning a milky soapy color, making it uncomfortable for other guests or residents to use. You will incur a $40.00 charge if you use the Hot Tub without showering (WITH SOAP) and the water becomes unusable to us or our next guests. This fee is charged if we have to dump 400 gallons of water out, sterilize the tub, then re-fill it with 400 gallons of new water and then put new pool chemicals into the water to balance it out. We have closed-circuit cameras outside to monitor the Hot Tub and Sauna closely. Also, please no smoking in the Hot Tub…ever.
11. Do NOT leave shoes/phones/purses left unattended in the backyard. Our dogs are let out about 2 times per day for exercise and will chew up shoes and phones in under a minute. Please keep your personal items with you and not left out over-night.



• Be sure you can swim—or have help in the water.
Enter the pool only if you know how to properly swim, have an experienced swimmer to assist you, or have a flotation device such as a life vest, arm floats, or air cushion.

• Swim with someone else.
Make sure another swimmer is either with you in the pool or is there supervising whenever you are in the water.

• Drink water to stay hydrated.
Be sure to drink plenty of water—never from the pool—to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day—especially if it’s warm outside.

• Use the bathroom.
Be considerate of others: Use the bathroom before you go into the pool—and leave the water if you need to take care of business.

• Practice safe diving at the deep end of the pool only.

• Dry off before entering indoors.
When exiting the water to go inside the home, be sure to completely dry yourself off before entering. Take care to not track water onto slick floors where someone could slip.

• Take extra caution when using a heated spa.
Staying in hot water for too long can cause nausea, dizziness, vomiting, overheating, or burning of the skin. Depending on the spa temperature, limit soaks to 30 minutes. Keep children under 5 from spa use. Drink lots of water— never alcohol! If you take certain medications or have heart disease, diabetes, or high or low blood pressure consult with your doctor before taking in a hot soak.


• Don’t dive into shallow water.
Never do a dive into water that’s less than eight feet deep. Never dive off the sides of the pool. Dive only off the diving board.

• Don’t run around the pool deck.
Running around the pool area is dangerous. If you trip and fall on the deck or into the pool, you can hurt yourself badly.

• Don’t allow dogs in the pool without supervision.
Not all dogs know how to properly swim; some do, but can easily tire out. Make sure to keep an eye on your pets when they are in the water.

• Don’t engage in rowdy horseplay in the pool.
Steer clear of playing rough games involving dunking, holding your breath for any extended period, or lifting and throwing others into the air.

• Don’t use glass containers.
Beverage glasses can easily break on the pool deck or pool walls. Instead use outdoor-friendly options like acrylic tumblers or paper, plastic, or foam cups, or drink from a can.

• Don’t enter the pool under the influence of alcohol or medications.
Swimming under the influence poses risks: Alcohol and some medications can impair your ability to swim and affect other motor skills, as well as breathing and orientation.

• Don’t push anyone into the pool.
What seems like fun can be dangerous. You could severely injure someone when you suddenly throw, push, or yank them into the water when they don’t expect it.

• Don’t heavily splash the water.
Try to keep as much water as possible in the pool. Don’t engage in water fights or splash others when they are outside the pool on the deck.

There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty at any time.

We know you will enjoy your stay and look forward to welcoming you into our home! By making your reservation, you are agreeing to these House Rules.

Michael & Lupe

We have installed a security camera system that records guest activity in the entrance and exits, living rooms, dining room, kitchen, Pool, and bar area for your security. They cover all entrances and exits to our home to help provide additional security to the premises and to help keep our insurance prices low. Any accidents captured on camera may be provided to AirBnB for insurance or reimbursement purposes. There is no video monitoring in or near any bedrooms or bathrooms, and all cameras are on the first floor and all guest privacy areas are on the 2nd floor. If you wish to nude sunbathe by the pool, please let us know so that we can turn our system off outside, as we do not want to see you naked on video.
Free Breakfast, Free Parking. You are renting 1-2 rooms of our 4-Bedroom home in which we also live, not an entire home. This listing is central to hundreds of restaurants, gyms, shopping, grocery stores, coffee shops, and a golf-course just minutes away. Your stay includes luxuries such as a huge swimming pool, Sauna, Hot Tub, a full bar, Wi-Fi, and video cameras in public areas to give added security. Guests p…

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El Paso, Texas, Stati Uniti

The home is located across the street from a convenience store (Circle K), just a few blocks from the Vista Hills Country Club & Golf Course, nestled in an upper-middle class quiet neighborhood. This area of town boasts a very low crime rate and has lush vegetation that makes you forget you are in a desert. From this location, you can get to any part of town within minutes. It is close to every kind of shopping experience one can imagine, with a convenience store just across the street and several other shops, markets, liquor stores, fast food restaurants, etc just blocks away.
The home is located across the street from a convenience store (Circle K), just a few blocks from the Vista Hills Country Club & Golf Course, nestled in an upper-middle class quiet neighborhood. This area of t…

El Paso International Airport
4.7 m
Los Bandidos De Carlos & Mickey's
6.2 m
Plaza Sendero Juárez
6.6 m
L & J Cafe
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I am an Addiction Therapist at the Veteran's Healthcare Administration, and the owner of a mental health therapy private practice in El Paso, Texas. I am an adventurer who loves to travel and explore fascinating destinations.
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Durante il tuo soggiorno
Chef Lupe is available to answer any questions you may have and to make your stay special in the morning hours until 3 PM, and Michael is available to answer any questions and interact with you from 5 PM - 11 PM. Your hosts respect your privacy and will also not disturb you when you are on the premises when you want your privacy. As hosts, we gladly love interacting with our guests when they want more social interaction.

Lupe is available to book sight-seeing tours in the AM through the early afternoons for an additional charge. He drives for UBER and can give you rides to any local hot-spot. Think of him as your day-time driver. Michael also drives for UBER part-time, so if you need a ride to the night-time hot-spots, bars, clubs, Etc, ask Michael to turn on his UBER app and he becomes your personal valet! Michael & Lupe are your Concierges, and can answer any questions you may have about local dining, shopping, and other local experiences waiting for you while you visit the Sun City!

There is a 60" High Definition Flat Screen 3D television in the family room that is available for you to share with Michael & Lupe, but you do have a brand new 55" High Definition Flat Screen TV in your master suite to view your shows privately as well. You decide your comfort level of social interaction. We will treat you like a member of the family.

While you are with us, you are home! We have Spectrum/Time Warner Cable available in your suite for your enjoyment with lots of movie channels for your enjoyment as well. Your bedroom has a big screen monitor you may hook up to a laptop and use as a large computer monitor or watch Netflix on with a laptop. We have some HDMI connectors you may rent if you need one. The suite stays at about 72 degrees year-round. If you desire it colder or warmer, please let us know and we will accommodate your request to ensure your comfort. The pool is well-maintained and ready to use spring, summer, and fall, and is usually not in use during the winter months due to the water being so cold (Nov-April).

Guests who stay with us are treated like family, and we enjoy including guests in our holiday celebrations: Birthdays, Halloween Parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years. We have an exercise bike, as well as a tread-climber for guest's use, and if a full gym is desired, there is a Planet Fitness just up the street less than 1 mile away.
Chef Lupe is available to answer any questions you may have and to make your stay special in the morning hours until 3 PM, and Michael is available to answer any questions and inte…
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