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As you walk in...
As you walk in...
  • As you walk in...
  • To give you an idea of the ceiling height.
  • Comfortable queen bed.
  • Closet area.
  • Cozy gas fireplace.
  • Bathroom, with tub and shower.
  • Bathroom.
  • Kitchenette.
  • Private entrance — through the pink door.
  • Just inside: Your space to the right. Laundry to the left. To the rest of the house straight ahead.
  • Our house in Fernwood, with places for folks to rest, swing and read.
  • Our lending library. There are libraries scattered throughout Fernwood.
  • Come visit our chickens out back.
  • Eggy is curious.
  • Detail from the artwork I commissioned especially for the space.
  • All welcome!
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As you walk in...