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Guest Room with double bed
Guest Room with double bed
  • Double Bed Room in West Launceston Home
  • Guest Room with double bed
  • Guest room has an extra door opening onto enclosed verandah
  • Table for two... just for you, on patio outside your bedroom door.
  • On your desk there is Tourist information, water and snacks for you!
  • Toiletries and a book exchange in your room. Help yourself!
  • The 'can't miss it!' sign at the street end of my driveway!
  • Ingredients for a light breakfast are provided for guests, in utility room.
  • Laundry/utility room.
  • Shower, hand-basin and bath in the Shared bathroom
  • Your host, Yvonne, with her son, Ariel. Welcome to our home!
  • Yvonne and the cats!
  • The cats... George and Kyllara
  • View towards the mountains East of Launceston, from my home.
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Guest Room with double bed