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View from the bedroom
View from the bedroom
  • Peaceful Swedish Room near nature reserve
  • Functional large desk & single cosy bed
  • View from the bedroom
  • Entrance to the living room
  • Living room with access to the veranda
  • Veranda
  • Living room
  • Living room
  • Cosy kitchen with large table
  • Kitchen space
  • Classic Swedish kitchen cooking area
  • Bathroom and toilet
  • Wood interior for the bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  • It's this house :)
  • Enjoy seating  in the garden
  • Ancient nature reserve forest, up the street, just 2mn walk from the house
  • Unexpected dear guests coming and visit our garden regularly
  • During summer time, late July & August, the forest is filled in with blueberries. 
You will find proper tools to pick them up in the kitchen, at the bottom of the locker right next to the fridge, they are red ;)
  • This is Långsjö (meaning Long Lake) just 10mn walk from the house where Casa Del Lago restaurant can also be found.

  • Långsjö during summer time
  • Långsjö during winter time for ice skating lovers
  • Herrängens Gård konditori (café) nearby Långsjö

Address: Segeltorpsvägen 49-51
  • Fru Marias Bak café 20mn walk from the house

Address: Svartlösavägen 77
3 / 23
View from the bedroom