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Riverloft Cottage
Riverloft Cottage
  • An evening at Riverloft
  • Riverloft Cottage
  • The pathway to Riverloft
  • Inside Riverloft
  • The space inside. The washroom can be seen on the right side.
  • A good book, nature and the sound of the birds is what you ll love the most here
  • From the attic
  • View from inside the cottage
  • Nature in and around
  • Riverloft Kabani, Wayanad, Kerala
  • The attic
  • View of rain filled Kabani river from our balcony
  • Barbecue by the fire
  • Interior
  • Laze on the hammock with your favourite book
  • By the river Kabani few steps from Riverloft
  • Pathway through the farm to Riverloft
  • The lone tusker at the Wayanad Wildlife Reserve
  • Riverloft Kabani, Wayanad, Kerala
  • Out of Office: 2 nights 3 days package
  • The Hut : Constructed using clay, wood and grass, this is a multipurpose community space
  • Harvesting in the paddy field right across the road from us
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Riverloft Cottage