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The salon
The salon
  • The boat
  • The salon
  • The salon, other side. Notice two rear cabins
  • Bench in the salon
  • The salon benches can be used for sleeping too
  • All the tables on the boat are foldable
  • The front cabin
  • Window in the front cabin
  • View of the front cabin from the salon
  • The rear cabin at the right side. The left one is identical, but mirrored
  • There are plenty of closets, shelves and other compartments
  • Another compartment under the salon bench
  • The bathroom
  • The bathroom can be entered from salon, as well as from the front cabin
  • The kitchen
  • TV
  • The cockpit
  • Benches in the cockpit are covered with comfortable matresses
  • The deck
  • The domestic pier
  • This is what you see from the cockpit every evening
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The salon