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    A causa della pandemia da coronavirus (COVID-19), stiamo attualmente ricevendo un alto numero di richieste, operando al contempo con personale ridotto. Se mancano ancora oltre 72 ore dall'inizio della tua prenotazione, contattaci più a ridosso dell'orario di check-in. Questo ci consentirà di offrire supporto a chi ha bisogno di assistenza immediata. Per modificare o cancellare una prenotazione, vai alla pagina Viaggi o sulla scrivania dell'host.

    Come vengono definiti i livelli di intensità delle Avventure Airbnb?

    Each Airbnb Adventure is classified by an intensity level that is pre-selected by the host. The intensity level is intended to provide guests with an estimation of the expected intensity of an adventure based on the activities taking place during the trip.

    Every adventure is different, so each guest should read through the description carefully to ensure it’s a good fit. If a guest has questions about the intensity level, they can message their host for additional details. More information on intensity levels here (intensity level definitions were created in partnership with the ATTA): 

    • Light: Guests should be comfortable with low-intensity activities like sitting, standing, or walking throughout the trip. Activities may include easy hikes, walking tours, cooking classes, etc. Any activities that are more strenuous are optional.
    • Moderate: Guests should be comfortable participating in semi-vigorous activities for extended periods of time. Examples of activities include longer hikes, biking, kayaking, horse or camel rides, snorkeling, etc.
    • Strenuous: Guests should be comfortable participating in physically demanding activities that can last up to the entire day. Activities may include full-day hikes, full-day bike rides, full-day kayaking, etc. Trips may include higher altitudes, rougher terrain and water, stronger currents, and steep ascents/descents. It is strongly encouraged that guests have prior experience with the physical activities included in the trip.
    • Extreme: These trips are physically challenging, and prior experience or related training is strongly recommended. Activities are high-intensity and may last the entire day. Activities may include full-day hiking or biking over uneven terrain, intense rock climbing, etc. Trips may include higher altitudes, rougher terrain and water, stronger currents, and steep ascents/descents.

    Additional guidance

    Emergency planning

    We recommend that all guests and hosts engaging in an experience prepare an emergency plan in case of a natural disaster or any other kind of emergency that could occur during an experience. Find out more about making an emergency plan.

    Airbnb provided trip protections

    All multi-day trips include 24/7 community support. We also maintain $1,000,000 USD of liability insurance under our Experience Protection Insurance program, in order to provide hosts and guests with peace of mind (certain exclusions apply). Additionally, in the event of a life-threatening injury, we also have partnered with an emergency medevac provider that may be activated to reach an injured party to support a medically necessary evacuation.

    Partner disclaimers

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    The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) name and logo are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement or vetting of, express or implied, of any product, service, person, company, opinion or political position. The ATTA does not select or approve, and is not involved in the selection or approval of, Airbnb Experiences or hosts. For more information about the Adventure Travel Trade Association, visit