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    Why can't I have listings at more than one address in select locations?

    Starting November 1, 2016, hosts in San Francisco and New York City will only be allowed to have listings at a single address in that city. Hosts can have multiple listings at that address, but can’t have listings at different addresses.

    What does this mean for me?

    You’ll only be able to have listings at one address in San Francisco and New York City. If you choose to publish a listing at a different address in these cities, you'll be forced to unlist your other listing(s).

    Why can’t I publish an additional listing at my existing address?

    To add a new listing to an already existing address, the address must match exactly. For example, if your existing listing is located at “123 Main Street”, your new listing must also be listed at “123 Main Street”. If you try to list your new listing at “123 Main” or “123 Main St.” you won’t be able to list the space.

    Are there any exceptions to these requirements?

    In rare cases, we may allow certain hosts to have listings at multiple addresses in San Francisco or New York City. Those cases include hosts who share long-term rentals (for 30+ nights only), licensed hotels and B&Bs (or similar), or hosts who help other hosts with their responsibilities. If these scenarios apply to you, you can request a review of your listing. If you don’t fall into one of these groups, you won’t be allowed to have multiple addresses on your account.

    What happens if I violate these address requirements?

    Your listings and your account may be suspended or deactivated if we determine that you're attempting to manage listings at multiple addresses in San Francisco or New York City without an exception for each.

    Updated: November 1, 2016